How To Dig A Foundation

It is standard for all new permanent structures to have solid foundations. It is irrelevant what size the structure you still have to know how to dig a foundation. Foundations provide a stable platform to allow the building to be erected. The specification for all foundations can be deciphered from detailed architectural or engineer’s drawings.

How to Dig a Foundation Correctly

The site areas for excavation should be marked clearly with chalk or spray paint. Before excavation commences examine the marked areas for underground pipes and supply cable services. You can hire a detector from your local hire company. Inspection chambers can also provide useful information. These simple rules will apply for all excavation projects, large or small.

How To Dig A Foundation With Machines
For small confined spaces you can use small mechanical shovels and robot diggers. For concreted areas you can use concrete cutting machines and grinders. For projects such as boundary walls and extensions it is best to use mini diggers with an assortment of attachment buckets and rock breakers. Mini-diggers are available in range of sizes .You can hire machines from reputable hire companies. Options of self-drive or with driver are also available. For larger foundation projects like sunrooms you will need high powered diggers, excavators and dumper trucks.

Useful Information
Every project is unique in its own way. Soil type and gradients will vary; you may encounter problems with trees or roots. Hazardous waste may have been dumped on your site. Always employ professional people to deal with problems you are not qualified to deal with. Where trees need to be felled get your local tree surgeon specialist to help. Hazardous waste must always be disposed of in a professional manner by registered waste disposal companies. Always be on the lookout for unexpected problems and call professional help where required

Professional Guidance
One should always consult with expert and professional people when doing excavation of any size. Small or large you need to employ trained professionals. When you engage reputable companies you are guaranteed and protected. Never take risks with your health or with your hard earned money. Cheapest is not always best!
how to dig a foundation

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