Composite Doors

Our Composite Doors are manufactured to the homeowner’s specifications. They provide security and improve the insulation factor of any home or apartment. Doors can be designed to replicate existing doors in terms of design and configuration.

Palladio Composite Doors

We Supply and fit the complete Range of Customized Security Composite Doors and we find The Palladio Composite Security Door is simply the best residential Door available in the Irish market place today. This 70 mm double rebate door outclasses all other replacement door options for homes.
Palladio Composite Doors are available in a wide range of design and colours The Palladio Composite doors are designed and manufactured by Profile Developments in County Limerick.

composite doors luskSome of the features listed;

  • A Wide Range of Design options
  • 10 colour options
  • 70mm double rebate draught proofing
  • Triple Glazed Security
  • Multipoint Locking Systems
  • Anti-Snap lock Barrel
  • This Door is Burglar Proof

Why Choose Palladio Composite Doors

They old Style upvc doors held their own alongside the aluminium and timber doors of their generation. The Palladio Composite Door marks a huge leap forward in all that is important for replacement residential doors .High Security, Highest achievable ā€œUā€ and insulation values and unequalled overall design, and colour choice options The Palladio Composite is the ultimate replacement door available in Ireland today.

Installation of Composite Doors

The Palladio Composite is only as good as it’s installation and for all good will it requires a different set of combined skills to achieve the perfect installed Composite Door in your home. All installations are different, all require a knowledge of construction and a knowledge of insulation values of all immediate surfaces, if care is not taken to address all relevant matters during the course of installation then your new Palladio Composite door will not provide all the amazing qualities that make it the choice of all well researched homeowners.

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